Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona horse riding weather in Spain muddy horses

How is the weather in Spain? Muddy!

We are a few weeks through the lockdown in Spain and the weather in Spain has been pretty awful. So looking at that positively noone could have come riding or enjoyed in really. On the downside that means lots of mud and longer, harder days managing all the horses. Making sure they have their rugs on. They have time inside out of the rain in their warm stables. But that they get safe exercise outside to run around and release some energy.

Whatever the weather in Spain, life continues here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios. And most of the horses really don’t mind a little rain. They are waterproof! So as long as it’s just light, and has periods of dry, its still warm and they aren’t standing in wet mud, they are happy and safe.

Here’s some of the residents that do enjoy their mud time! Very muddy horses.