How is the weather in Spain? Muddy!

We are a few weeks through the lockdown in Spain and the weather in Spain has been pretty awful. So looking at that positively noone could have come riding or enjoyed in really. On the downside that means lots of mud and longer, harder days managing all the horses. Making sure they have their rugs on. They have time inside out of the rain in their warm stables. But that they get safe exercise outside to run around and release some energy.

Whatever the weather in Spain, life continues here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios. And most of the horses really don’t mind a little rain. They are waterproof! So as long as it’s just light, and has periods of dry, its still warm and they aren’t standing in wet mud, they are happy and safe.

Here’s some of the residents that do enjoy their mud time! Very muddy horses.

Last ride before lockdown

Caroline and a few friends went on their last ride before lockdown. Being without the horses is going to be so hard for all the owners and riders at the Ranch. For a lot of people their horse time is their time out, their head space, their downtime from busy lives. It’s a chance to learn, to get fit, to laugh and to enjoy very special moments.

This was one of them.

A lovely ride along the local routes, riverbed and beach to a wonderful tapas bar with tie up area for horses. A last beer together in the afternoon sunshine before everything changes.

This was Ringo’s first time on the beach with us. He was a little sweated up taking it all in but enjoyed it. He is a really wonderful and unique horse and we secretly think Caroline’s new favourite. He has a Paso short energetic stride and body position that is unlike any of the other horses at the Ranch. But super comfortable and a very fun ride.

The Beatles bootcamp

The Beatles (John, Paul, Ringo and Paul) have settled in really well. They are busy a few times a week on their very special Beatles Bootcamp. This is a chance for some lucky horse lovers to hang out with our fabulous four, groom, bathe, exercise, take for walks, do groundwork, lunge them and get to know everything about them. Introducing them to new experiences, finding out what they like and don’t like. Whilst learning new skills themselves. It really is quality time out with life on Beatles bootcamp! And the 4 horses love these times too and are thriving. All that pampering time also means they look great although they seem to time their mud rolling perfectly just before the ladies arrive…

Adult riding classes

We have quite a few adult riding classes during the week and weekend for all different levels of rider. If you would like to join one please ask.

Every lesson is different every time. During the adult riding classes you will learn basic skills, do pole work, some jumping and bounce lessons if the group is happy to do so, pairs work, all sorts of stirrupless and other riding skills. It really is hard work but very fun and all our adults progress quickly.

Beach and bar ride

Our experienced riders and horse owners went off for a beach and bar ride this week. For some of the horses it was their first or second time on the beach, which is always fun. The sea isn’t tidal here so it is usually in the same place, but it can be noisy on the pebbles by the wave line. Some of the horses take the different surface under their hooves and the noise and smell in their stride. Others need a little encouragement. It was a hot day so the riders stopped at the beachside bar for a little light refreshment before heading back to the Ranch. A great beach and bar ride!

Who owns this bird?

Look what flew into the Ranch today. Who owns this bird? She must be lost from someone who has spent a lot of time with her (or him!). Very friendly, easy to handle and spent most of the day fluttering from one hand and shoulder or head to another. It flew down to the pista and settled on the railing to watch some lessons and then back for more seeds. If you know anyone in the El Padron area who has lost such a bird please get in touch with us.

APRONA disabilities group visits the Ranch

We were absolutely delighted to welcome to the Ranch a very special group from Estepona, visiting us from Aprona.

All these wonderful people have differing learning and physical impairments but all came with a lot of giggles, enthusiasm and smiles. They certainly got stuck into the fun things at the Ranch and they all wanted to horse ride!

We introduced Aprona to our little Shetland pony, Pon, for some grooming time. Our friendly, sweet Arab Ahitan had a full bath and then dried off in the sunshine as the group walked him. Meanwhile lovely Yoda was busy giving everyone horse rides around the school.

We hope to welcome Aprona back again as horses, volunteers and all the visitors thoroughly enjoyed their time with us. And the many carrot treats that were given out!

Jumping lessons in Estepona

We are pleased to welcome back one of our super talented young riders, Bobbi, with her fast jumping horse Kiko. If you are wanting to know how much you can progress with jumping lessons in Estepona, then this partnership really can show you.

Both mum and daughter train and ride on this horse and he’s certainly a very big character. Always getting into trouble, usually trying to do things his own way but sometimes just being the best horse ever.

When Kiko first arrived he really had little jumping ability. He struggled with balance and corners, with everything to do with speed and rhythm. But with lots of patience, groundwork, calm teaching and experience he really has thrived.

Go Kiko, go Bobbi.

Mountain hacks in Estepona

It is so beautiful in the early Spring and we absolutely love the mountain hacks in Estepona, riding up through the rivers. The views are spectacular, the wildflower carpets are flourishing and it’s just green everywhere. The air is fresh but warm.

And we have taken a lot of people up on the mountain trails to share this wonderful space with them.

Just a few photos from our mountain hacks in Estepona from the last weeks. Why not come and join us?