• A MAGICAL 1.5 hours for beginners, families & rusty riders
  • Fun mini lesson to practice some skills & get confidence
  • Then a fabulous hack out around the local countryside
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & our most popular ride!
  • 2 people minimum but you can join another group if you’re on your own
  • Maximum weight 75kg (weights determine what horses we have available)
  • Saddle Up Experience Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona

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Come and meet the horses.

HACKS 2.5 – 3 hours

  • For riders with experience 
  • Confident & balanced at fast canter outdoors
  • We ride 12-20km!
  • Under 78kg
  • 90 euros per person
  • Includes tapas & beer afterRanch Siesta Los Rubios estepona ruta de caballos horse riding mountain hack in Estepona into the Sierra Bermeja
  • Please note we have a maximum weight limit of 78 kg for all rides and sometimes less for fast rides in the summer depending on horses available (to protect horse health).


Beautiful, well cared for horses; lovely people and a cool vibe; great rides and lots of fun!  



Holly has an amazing summer every year here. She adores the horses, the activities and hacks.  Kerry


Fabulous place to visit. Wonderful day out exploring the beautiful countryside and very well priced.



I love riding out on the 4 hours fast rides. Exhilarating… and the views and forests are breathtaking.