Caroline Grahm

Caroline has been riding since she can remember and is a horse woman through and through.

She has rescued many horses and worked with many young horses, but her passion is endurance riding. She is the many times Andalucian champion at 80km and rides at longer distances with various horses.

Unique experience

The mountains where she trains her horses are her absolute joy and she loves taking experienced riders to discover the many trails and routes, to feel the beauty of this place for themselves, on horseback. This is a truly unique opportunity for riders.

In these photos you will also see Caroline’s daughter, who is a talented young rider. With her partner, Arabian mare Naisbam, they won the Andalucian title at 60km in 2023.

Just a small selection of our horse herd….


Beautiful palamino Spanish mare


Gentle, calm & a lovely lady


Arab endurance champion – a superb natured horse & incredible athlete


Champion 80km endurance horse, Anglo Arab


Kind, lively and talented Hispano Arab with a famous fast trot