Just a small selection of our horse herd….

ENYA (for loan)

Beautiful palamino Spanish mare

PAUL (the Beatles)

Lovely fun sweet chap who loves to hack out and is a real comedy character, arrived January 2020

RINGO (the Beatles)

Stunning Peruvian horse, arrived January 2020

TAKOTA (for loan)

Gentle, calm & a lovely lady


Arab endurance champion – a superb natured horse & incredible athlete


Champion 80km endurance horse, Anglo Arab

SEN (for loan)

Fabulous Anglo Arab with huge jump and can run forever in the mountains! Sweet boy.

GARRINCHA (livery)

Young rescued Anglo Arab just beginning his training with his owner Claire

ROCIO (livery)

Another golden girl being trained up after having a foal

HARLEY (livery)

High stepping Spanish beauty who is totally adored by his mum (Paula)

AFRODITA (livery)

Lovely kind Hispano Arab that loves to jump, is learning dressage and is a fabulous hack around the mountains. Check out her very fast very long trot!