Just some of our horses….


Lovely young Spanish horse coming on in leaps and bounds with her new owners, sisters Lola and Sophia and mum Karen. A real family horse.


One of our 2 spotted Appaloosa Shetland ponies. Pin is currently away on holiday having some time out and enjoying a huge ranch with river!


This small horse can jump BIG!


Beautiful palamino Spanish mare


Our old gentleman & superstar Anglo Arab

PAUL (the Beatles)

Lovely fun sweet chap who loves to hack out and is a real comedy character, arrived January 2020

RINGO (the Beatles)

Stunning Peruvian horse, arrived January 2020

GEORGE (the Beatles)

An older gentleman, total sweetheart, arrived Jamuary 2020


Gentle, calm & a lovely lady


A little pony with big presence, learning new things with us.

HOPE (rescue)

An older lady we rescued from a horrible life, and she’s finding new skills & style with Jazmin


Pretty, gentle and much loved Arab mare


Young Arab, possible future endurance champion? Learning every week with us.


Brilliant Arab who does it all, with kindness


Champion 80km endurance horse, Anglo Arab


Wonderful sports horse

BROWNIE (livery)

Another rescue who’s just finding her hooves, happiness & health with us and Rebecca.

SEN (livery)

Fabulous Anglo Arab with huge jump and can run forever in the mountains! Sweet boy.

LORD (livery)

16.3hh Czech warmblood gelding, 11 years, superb gentleman, owned by Sylvia

GARRINCHA (livery)

Young rescued Anglo Arab just beginning his training with his owner Claire

CALIFA (livery)

Big, bold, beautiful Spanish horse learning all the time with Steven.

ROCIO (livery)

Another golden girl being trained up after having a foal

HARLEY (livery)

High stepping Spanish beauty who is totally adored by his mum (Paula)

KIKO (livery)

Big Spanish gelding, ridden by mum and daughters Bobbi & Annie