We have a small number of livery places and a great community of horses and riders.

Our livery offering is great – but it also provides social support for you and your horse, so you both thrive.

Schooling, dressage and jumping lessons are also available with our great instructors AT REDUCED PRICE.

And you don’t need to hack out alone. We have lots of regular riders and group hacks. 

UPDATE : Price of hay and feed has doubled in 2023/4 as there is a hay crisis in Spain. Unfortunately our livery price has had to increase to cover this.

From 550€/month depending on horse size

  • Stabling when raining (extra charge_
  • Daily mucking out
  • Feed – hay / alfafa 3 times/day
  • Turning out space
  • Tack room/storage area
  • Horse shower area
  • Use of school
  • Rugs on and off in winter
  • Hard feed and sawdust/straw charged extra


“I have been riding all my life on and off. Never had lessons. Never thought I could afford or would have time for a horse.

The livery solution at the Ranch and the people there made both possible. It’s changed my life.

We are having lessons with Paulina, learning basic dressage skills, a little jumping and enjoying our time with everyone here. I can’t imagine not having Afrodita. Or the fantastic “family” that is here, always supporting us.”