Wedding dreams

Bambina was able to make this bride’s dreams come true…

We love to help with all sorts of enquiries and dreams that people have. We have done modelling shoots with the horses, wedding proposal rides, special anniversaries and birthday surprises, TV filming, weddings, kids birthdays and much more.

Do you have something you’d like us to help with?

Show success

Our young (and adult) riders travelled all the way to Antequera this weekend to ride at a super showjumping competition. It was very popular with a huge amount of entries in each class and we finished with show success!

Everyone came away with happy memories, some superb riding results (rosettes) including Jazmin (aged 13) with Rosie, who took 2 seconds in both the 80 cm and 1 metre rounds.

Your smiles, enthusiasm, efforts, endless practicing and joy of riding shone through. It’s not about the results in the end it’s about the experience and the enjoyment. We are immensely proud of all our riders for giving it a go and having goals (and courage).



Endurance winners

Caroline and her daughter have been busy competing – and winning – at 60km. Congratulations to both. Jazmin is only 13 years old and taking the endurance world by storm at the moment. They ride Arezu and Misty, sponsored by Yeguada Sultan.


Last ride before lockdown

Caroline and a few friends went on their last ride before lockdown. Being without the horses is going to be so hard for all the owners and riders at the Ranch. For a lot of people their horse time is their time out, their head space, their downtime from busy lives. It’s a chance to learn, to get fit, to laugh and to enjoy very special moments.

This was one of them.

A lovely ride along the local routes, riverbed and beach to a wonderful tapas bar with tie up area for horses. A last beer together in the afternoon sunshine before everything changes.

This was Ringo’s first time on the beach with us. He was a little sweated up taking it all in but enjoyed it. He is a really wonderful and unique horse and we secretly think Caroline’s new favourite. He has a Paso short energetic stride and body position that is unlike any of the other horses at the Ranch. But super comfortable and a very fun ride.

Fancy dress dressage test

Well done all our young riders who took part in their first practice / fun dressage test. Horses and riders did brilliantly.

Kids riding lessons Estepona Kids riding lessons Estepona Kids riding lessons Estepona Kids riding lessons Estepona Kids riding lessons Estepona Kids riding lessons EsteponaKids riding lessons EsteponaKids riding lessons Estepona Kids riding lessons Estepona

Christmas Gymkhana

Horse riding Costa Del SolThanks to everyone who came to the very funny Christmas party / Gymkhana.

You all looked fantastic!

Horse riding Costa Del Sol
Horse riding Costa Del Sol

Horse riding Costa Del Sol

Horse riding Costa Del Sol
Horse riding Costa Del SolHorse riding Costa Del SolHorse riding Costa Del Sol

Mum and daughter horse riding – vaulting time!

Viola wasn’t very keen on horses despite her mum Kat being a riding instructor and having her lovely horse Hermosa here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios.

But our Vaulting lessons have changed her mind!

What a wonderful activity to do together – mum and daughter horse riding with a twist!! Looks scary up there but vaulting is always taught in a safe environment on calm horses and it’s really fun. You can join us on Mondays for our Vaulting Club or if you fancy giving it a go yourself or with some friends (riding experience is not necessary) then come and join in.

Vaulting Club NEW for kids this summer

The Summer holidays are almost here and we are launching our new Vaulting Club for kids. All levels are welcome.

Vaulting may be one of the most unique sports in existence, as it includes both dance and gymnastic movements … performed on a moving horse.

And you dont need to know how to ride in order to start vaulting. Anyone can learn.

It’s a fabulous and fun way to develop balance, strength, coordination and creativity, as well as trust and teamwork.

Unlike trick riding, vaulting is always performed in a controlled environment that includes a fully enclosed arena and soft footing. The horse, controlled by a trainer through a long rope called a lunge line, moves in a large, consistent circle while the vaulter performs a series of gymnastics and dance moves.

Come and join in our Vaulting Club at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios! Every Monday through the Summer. Book 4 weeks at a time. 20 euros per session.

Equine Osteopath visits us

We have been very lucky this week to have the superb equine osteopath Bryony Burt visiting us from London.

She has treated and checked over a lot of the horses here, to keep them in optimum health and see if any have underlying niggles, sores and skeletal or muscular pains.

This is BAMBINA having her full osteo MOT after coming 3rd the day before in a 60km endurance race with Caroline. The “champagne war hose” looked very happy with a good stretch and some hands on work.

Endurance riding trial

Team Los Rubios (our young riders team) we treated to a real life experience of Endurance Riding on Sunday when Caroline took them through the what, why and how of this sport.

Caroline is a champion rider, competing around Andalucia in 60 and 80km races. She had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with these talented young riders.

From what racing is, to how to train for it, equipment used, the process, vet checking, time requirements etc – they went through everything including a demonstration and practice with the all important heart monitor.

Then they were split into pairs, given a course and a time reference (maximum and minimum) and off they went to try a competition for themselves!

There was a disqualification (for being too fast!) but everyone had a lot of fun, picked up some new skills, some new confidence riding out on their own and some big smiles!