Last ride before lockdown

Caroline and a few friends went on their last ride before lockdown. Being without the horses is going to be so hard for all the owners and riders at the Ranch. For a lot of people their horse time is their time out, their head space, their downtime from busy lives. It’s a chance to learn, to get fit, to laugh and to enjoy very special moments.

This was one of them.

A lovely ride along the local routes, riverbed and beach to a wonderful tapas bar with tie up area for horses. A last beer together in the afternoon sunshine before everything changes.

This was Ringo’s first time on the beach with us. He was a little sweated up taking it all in but enjoyed it. He is a really wonderful and unique horse and we secretly think Caroline’s new favourite. He has a Paso short energetic stride and body position that is unlike any of the other horses at the Ranch. But super comfortable and a very fun ride.