Can I help?

Charlie loves the younger members of the Ranch crew and is always hanging around with them.

Maybe he is also learning to read?

Ride and Tapas

We were happy to lay on a lovely tapas food and drink package for our visiting riders from Scandinavia this week.

After a long fast ride up into the mountains, they were ready for some refreshments back at the Ranch, time to chill and watch the riding in the arena.

The tapas package is available at times when we have staff available to deliver it, so please ask. It’s perfect for after a long ride or Saddle Up experience and gives you a chance to hang out a little longer with us.

Meet Ted

Meet the new and cutest boy on the block. This is Ted.

He is a Spanish mastin cross and is 8 weeks old. Totally adorable and very typical of his breed. Calm, quiet, easy around the horses and people. Great with all other dogs. Runs around for 10 minutes at mastin speed (slow) and then just curls up on a saddle pad or horse rug and sleeps. Oh and plays with the cut offs from horse shoeing activities! They love a bit of this to chew on.

So far is very careful and respectful of the horses hooves and isn’t interested in them. They mostly love dogs and are curious about him.