Ride and Tapas

We were happy to lay on a lovely tapas food and drink package for our visiting riders from Scandinavia this week.

After a long fast ride up into the mountains, they were ready for some refreshments back at the Ranch, time to chill and watch the riding in the arena.

The tapas package is available at times when we have staff available to deliver it, so please ask. It’s perfect for after a long ride or Saddle Up experience and gives you a chance to hang out a little longer with us.

Meet Ted

Meet the new and cutest boy on the block. This is Ted.

He is a Spanish mastin cross and is 8 weeks old. Totally adorable and very typical of his breed. Calm, quiet, easy around the horses and people. Great with all other dogs. Runs around for 10 minutes at mastin speed (slow) and then just curls up on a saddle pad or horse rug and sleeps. Oh and plays with the cut offs from horse shoeing activities! They love a bit of this to chew on.

So far is very careful and respectful of the horses hooves and isn’t interested in them. They mostly love dogs and are curious about him.



Meet Sibel

What a difference a few weeks at the Ranch makes. We would like you to meet Sibel.

Sibel is a beautiful Arabian from the endurance team sponsor’s Yegauda Sultan. She was a little tubby and out of shape when she arrived (but stunning – see this photo we have of her as a 1 year old filly).

Caroline was been tasked with training her for her first endurance race later in September.

Her daughter Jazmin and regular rider Lola have been doing the training rides at all times of the morning and evening… and what a difference two weeks makes.

Here she is before during and after her bootcamp. Ready to head to the RAID and compete. She is a lovely sweet character, enthusiastic to run as most Arabs are and especially ones from Yegauda Sultan. Watch this space and see how Sibel’s story unfolds as her career starts.

The Beatles arrive

This weekend saw the arrival of our new Fab Four horses – we nicknamed them the Beatles – and so we called them John, Paul, Ringo and George. Their names suit them perfectly!

ranch siesta los rubios the beatles

John Paul Ringo & George arrive

These four boys have been together for a long time and they are super relaxed as a little group. We visited them at their previous home where the owner was injured and could not look after them/ride them so well any more. So we have given them a new home here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios.

The Beatles are just getting to know their new surroundings – and us them – and this was their first time into the school this weekend. We plan that as they are so quiet and calm, and like being together,  they’ll soon be helping beginner riders on Saddle Ups and lessons.

Although a few of them might have some other additional talents we think… John is a big lad and with a little muscle is going to be handsome lad. Ringo is very eager and the youngest and so who knows, he might fancy jumping? PS He is also super handsome!

So watch this space for more of the Beatles news!

New arrival at the Ranch – meet Nacho

We had a new arrival this week – the crazy handsome Nacho. He is not only a beautiful looking boy (the mares here agree) he’s also super kind and has a wonderful personality.

Jan his human is very happy and we are happy to welcome them both to Ranch Siesta Los Rubios for some fun riding times together hacking out in this lovely area.

Mum and daughter horse riding – vaulting time!

Viola wasn’t very keen on horses despite her mum Kat being a riding instructor and having her lovely horse Hermosa here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios.

But our Vaulting lessons have changed her mind!

What a wonderful activity to do together – mum and daughter horse riding with a twist!! Looks scary up there but vaulting is always taught in a safe environment on calm horses and it’s really fun. You can join us on Mondays for our Vaulting Club or if you fancy giving it a go yourself or with some friends (riding experience is not necessary) then come and join in.

Vaulting Club NEW for kids this summer

The Summer holidays are almost here and we are launching our new Vaulting Club for kids. All levels are welcome.

Vaulting may be one of the most unique sports in existence, as it includes both dance and gymnastic movements … performed on a moving horse.

And you dont need to know how to ride in order to start vaulting. Anyone can learn.

It’s a fabulous and fun way to develop balance, strength, coordination and creativity, as well as trust and teamwork.

Unlike trick riding, vaulting is always performed in a controlled environment that includes a fully enclosed arena and soft footing. The horse, controlled by a trainer through a long rope called a lunge line, moves in a large, consistent circle while the vaulter performs a series of gymnastics and dance moves.

Come and join in our Vaulting Club at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios! Every Monday through the Summer. Book 4 weeks at a time. 20 euros per session.