Meet Sibel

What a difference a few weeks at the Ranch makes. We would like you to meet Sibel.

Sibel is a beautiful Arabian from the endurance team sponsor’s Yegauda Sultan. She was a little tubby and out of shape when she arrived (but stunning – see this photo we have of her as a 1 year old filly).

Caroline was been tasked with training her for her first endurance race later in September.

Her daughter Jazmin and regular rider Lola have been doing the training rides at all times of the morning and evening… and what a difference two weeks makes.

Here she is before during and after her bootcamp. Ready to head to the RAID and compete. She is a lovely sweet character, enthusiastic to run as most Arabs are and especially ones from Yegauda Sultan. Watch this space and see how Sibel’s story unfolds as her career starts.