Jumping show success

Team Los Rubios were in action this weekend at a local show. We started early with baths and pampering, loaded the horses and headed off.

Such a great day out and quite a lot of jumping show success. All our young riders and horses did brilliantly, with rosettes won, smiles all round and plenty of enthusiastic support.

Here’s a selection of the photos….

Andalucia endurance team

Congratulations to our young rider Jazmin Grahm (12) who was selected to compete in the Andalucia endurance team riding in the inter regional championships at Badajoz this weekend.

Jazmin and Arezu competed in their first 40km race together only a few weeks before and were successful in being selected. Jazmin’s mum Caroline is a double champion at 60km and 80km with her horse Bambina RC so this definitely runs in the family.

Horse co-sharing

We are pleased to welcome Nicola to Ranch Siesta Los Rubios as one of our horse co-sharing community.

Many of our horses here have co-sharers, or part-loaners, which means that the riders get a chance to experience horse ownership for a fraction of the cost.

Our horse shares can pamper, care for, ride and have lessons on their co-share horses, booked in around the riding school requirements on specific days.

Nicola has joined the group to co-share the lovely Arab Ahitan, who we also call the Ginger Ninja.

These are photos from her first ever trip up to the mountains with him.


Showjumping success

We are so proud of the showjumping success of our riders at a recent jumping competition – in all classes they excelled.

Our young riders Bobbi on Kiko and Jazmin (aged 12) on Rosie competed in a highly competitive field of over 25 riders, mainly adults, at 80cm and 1 m. Jazmin claimed her first rosette at 1 m height coming 4th. Hayley was competing with her young horse Lagri and earned their first rosette, 2nd in the 60cm class. And congratulations to Bobbi’s mum, Nikkola, who flew around the 60cm course. Nervous but fearless and very fast!

We love watching all our riders and horses progress through their jumping careers.

Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona show jumping competition success 9

Showjumping competition

New pony Charlie (with Jamila on board) and jumping star Dolly (with Jazmin as jockey) went to a local showjumping competition in San Roque recently and put in some great performances. Charlie has only been learning to jump for a few weeks with us so it was very much just about him getting some experience. He did really well, in fact the sheep in the field next door were of more concern to him and spooky than the jumps.

Well done to these wonderful sisters and their horses.

Showjumping competition Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Showjumping competition Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

Endurance champion!

We are so proud of Caroline Grahm, owner of Ranch Siesta Los Rubios, who has been crowned Andalusian Endurance champion at 80km for the 2019 season.

Endurance champion at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

That’s in her first year competing at this distance but repeats her success in 2018 when she won the title at 60km.

Endurance champion at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

Both years she has won the double, her incredible Anglo-Arab horse Bambina RC has also won the double! Best horse in Andalucia at 60km last year and 80km this year.

Endurance champion at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

So we guess that means this team together win the title of  DOUBLE DOUBLE Endurance champion?

Caroline’s friend and local vet Lucia Vasquez and her horse Gloria came in 2nd at 60km in their first year racing at that distance.

Endurance champion at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios And pictured with them both is another friend of the stables who drives over to endurance train in the mountains with us, Tracy Lewis. She has achieved incredible success in this sport but is just returning to long distance competitions after 18 months off due to operations on her legs.

Congratulations to all you super women!
This is Caroline and Bambina in action at the last event of the season in December.

Endurance champion at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

Riders of the Month

Congratulations to Laura and Annie – December’s Rider of the Month and Most Improved Rider of the Month.


Ranch Siësta Los Rubios Rider of the Month