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Mountain hacks Estepona

We have been busy taking people out on wonderful mountain hacks Estepona over these last weeks. The weather has been really wonderful, sunny days, lovely sunsets and after the rains the countryside is now carpeted in green again. The rivers are flowing again and that’s always something we enjoy having back on our horse riding […]

Andalucia endurance team

Congratulations to our young rider Jazmin Grahm (12) who was selected to compete in the Andalucia endurance team riding in the inter regional championships at Badajoz this weekend. Jazmin and Arezu competed in their first 40km race together only a few weeks before and were successful in being selected. Jazmin’s mum Caroline is a double […]

Adult jumping lessons

Our adult riding groups are super fun and every week is a new challenge. This lesson was about pace over jumps with small distances between them. We have adult jumping lessons for all levels of rider and goals. So if you’d like to give it a go, get in touch.

River rides

The rivers are flowing again and the river rides are back as one of the favourite routes for our horse riders! It’s really so beautiful in the countryside behind Estepona. And once the rains come, the rivers add something magical to the trails. Come and join us on a horse riding adventure on our mountain […]

Horses at the Ranch

We never get bored of looking at these wonderful faces – so here’s some recent snapshots of just some of the horses at the Ranch. Come and meet them when you book a riding activity at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios. We always make sure we match the right horse in size and riding level and […]

Horse co-sharing

We are pleased to welcome Nicola to Ranch Siesta Los Rubios as one of our horse co-sharing community. Many of our horses here have co-sharers, or part-loaners, which means that the riders get a chance to experience horse ownership for a fraction of the cost. Our horse shares can pamper, care for, ride and have […]

Treats time

Treats time for the horses. Divina shining like black beauty after her pampering session. Hechi having some grass now the rains have come and it’s springing up everywhere again. And Ahitan deciding if this bush is worth eating or not with his fluffy winter coat on!

Jumping lessons

Our younger riders have been busy practising their jumping these last weeks. Our jumping lessons always focus on something different each time as jumping isn’t just about “point and jump”. It needs work on balance, tempo, stride, height, form., relaxation, body position, landing leg, transitions… practice makes perfect. Taking photos helps riders to see where […]

Flower power

The sun is out and flower power is at the stables today! Some of the horses like all the attention. The others are just not so sure. Some love to pose. Some are a little camera shy. Every horse is different but one thing remains the same – they are all very much loved. Spreading […]