Moonlight hack

What a buzz!

We got together a bit of a group and all went out as the sun set for a moonlight hack up to the bees.

All safely back, we met back up with partners and friends at the stables.

And of course had to throw a little social BBQ and beers to celebrate.

Don’t forget to check our events calendar for the next moonlight hack.

Atenea’s new home

When we first got Atenea!

When we first got Atenea!

We’re very proud and delighted for Millie that having decided to return to the UK, she’s bought her little protege Arab Atenea (previously known as “skankyleg”) to head back with her also.

Millie has been helping Caroline for a few months to work to break in and school Atenea and she’s been coming on in leaps and bounds.

With Millie’s care, attention and love back in the UK she is going to make a very fine young horse.

Look at the difference just a year has made to this once neglected horse.