New arrival at the Ranch – meet Nacho

We had a new arrival this week – the crazy handsome Nacho. He is not only a beautiful looking boy (the mares here agree) he’s also super kind and has a wonderful personality.

Jan his human is very happy and we are happy to welcome them both to Ranch Siesta Los Rubios for some fun riding times together hacking out in this lovely area.

Hands up for the Saddle Up Experience

Our bestselling activity for beginners and families – 2 hours of fun and learning. Hands up for the Saddle Up Experience!

You’ll meet your horses, learn a little about their personalities, practice some basic skills through fun games in the school and then head on out for a ride into the countryside.

2 people private session 50 euros each. Join a group or 3+ people 40 euros each. Please try to book at least 72 hours in advance in the Summer as we are extremely busy and due to the heat we only ride the horses in the early morning and evenings when it’s cooler for everyone.

Sunset view – horses of Estepona

Well isn’t this an amazing view through the ears of a horse? Sunrise and sunset is incredible at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios. The sun rolls on up over the sea and sets behind the Sierra Bermeja mountains, called the Red Mountains.

It’s wonderful to go riding here and this shot sums it all up – the best sunset view. Horses of Estepona!

Photo of the week – sunset in Estepona

This is our favourite photo from this week – sunset in Estepona from the back of a horse.

If you’d like to join us, whether you are a horse rider or beginner, we have something for everyone at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios – a friendly family team and fabulous horses.

We are between Cancelada and Estepona and super easy to find just near Selwo zoological park. Chat to us and come ride with us!

Bambina meets Bambi the deer

There is a small deer that has been adopted by and lives with the goat herd at the top of the mountains in Sierra Bermeja where we horse ride.

We have called it, of course, Bambi.

Here’s when our Bambi (Bambina RC) met Bambi recently. The deer is pretty used to us now and we can get really close. The perfect selfie for our visiting horse riders!

Collin down at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

Both humans and horses get hot. And sometimes that means simply getting yourself drenched in lovely cold water to cool down.

Here’s the handsome Harley and his best friend Paula having fun as always at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios.

And Jazmin deciding the only way is the bucket treatment. Hardcore!

Ranch Siesta Los Rubios