Horse co-sharing

We are pleased to welcome Nicola to Ranch Siesta Los Rubios as one of our horse co-sharing community.

Many of our horses here have co-sharers, or part-loaners, which means that the riders get a chance to experience horse ownership for a fraction of the cost.

Our horse shares can pamper, care for, ride and have lessons on their co-share horses, booked in around the riding school requirements on specific days.

Nicola has joined the group to co-share the lovely Arab Ahitan, who we also call the Ginger Ninja.

These are photos from her first ever trip up to the mountains with him.


Treats time

Treats time for the horses. Divina shining like black beauty after her pampering session. Hechi having some grass now the rains have come and it’s springing up everywhere again. And Ahitan deciding if this bush is worth eating or not with his fluffy winter coat on!

Afternoon snacks at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona

Jumping lessons

Our younger riders have been busy practising their jumping these last weeks. Our jumping lessons always focus on something different each time as jumping isn’t just about “point and jump”. It needs work on balance, tempo, stride, height, form., relaxation, body position, landing leg, transitions… practice makes perfect. Taking photos helps riders to see where their hands, body and legs/feet “are” as opposed to where they think they are. Because we aren’t always aware in the excitement of the jump.

But every time there are improvements. And a lot of effort and commitment.

Flower power

The sun is out and flower power is at the stables today! Some of the horses like all the attention. The others are just not so sure. Some love to pose. Some are a little camera shy. Every horse is different but one thing remains the same – they are all very much loved.

Spreading some smiles today with our horses and riders.