Childrens lessons

We have been busy with our horse riding lessons (children lessons) for all ages and levels – here’s just a few photos from recent lessons.

Adult jumping lessons

Our adult riding groups are super fun and every week is a new challenge. This lesson was about pace over jumps with small distances between them.

We have adult jumping lessons for all levels of rider and goals.

So if you’d like to give it a go, get in touch.

Jumping lessons

Our younger riders have been busy practising their jumping these last weeks. Our jumping lessons always focus on something different each time as jumping isn’t just about “point and jump”. It needs work on balance, tempo, stride, height, form., relaxation, body position, landing leg, transitions… practice makes perfect. Taking photos helps riders to see where their hands, body and legs/feet “are” as opposed to where they think they are. Because we aren’t always aware in the excitement of the jump.

But every time there are improvements. And a lot of effort and commitment.

Riding lessons Estepona

The greys were out in force this week for riding lessons Estepona. And riding in formation is harder than it looks!

Great jumping!

This is Kiko and owner Nikkola, who’ve been on an incredible journey together learning to jump. And look at them fly now!

Kiko is very much a family horse, also ridden and jumped by daughter Nikkola. And now youngest daughter Annie – who has been having lessons on the horses at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios – has reached a level to be able to ride him as well. And is doing so brilliantly! This is in a lesson with some of our other talented young riders.

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Adult jumping lessons

We have many adult jumping lessons groups running at the Ranch for different levels.

On our main photo you can see experienced team Nikki and Sen really flying.

And here we introduce you to Sylvia and her new horse Lord, a fledgling partnership (they missed out on quality time together during the 10 weeks of lockdown 2020!) and so they only started learning to jump not very long ago. Patience and practice has led to this fantastic level, relaxed and in harmony with each other. They started with schooling and poles and have progressed up at a steady pace to ensure that Lord is fit, confident and enjoying his jumping. He’s a big horse but not always so bold and the lessons have been wonderful to watch, seeing him find his form, shape and pace (and of course, bravery) to move up to these big obstacles.

Adult jumping lessons at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona

Lessons start again!

A day we have waited for for 9 long weeks – our riding lessons start again! And the horses are very happy to be working again after such a long lockdown holiday with not so much to do. All our horses enjoy having their brains stimulated, the company of humans to interact with and of course, being able to run like horses should. Although like the humans, you can see on these photos a few have a little bit bigger belly and a little less muscle than they did in March. But the return to work plans are going to bring everyone into fitness again. Without injury. We are pacing their schedules to make sure everyone does a little each day. They will soon look like athletes again!

Socially distanced!

This is what socially distanced horse riding lessons look like at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios. We are lucky as we have a huge school which makes this very easy to achieve and also these distances mean the horses have to be ridden better. They can’t just follow each other. It allows lessons to be more varied and fun.

But we worry that Paulina the instructor might need a radio microphone now to help her voice cope with the socially distanced lessons!

Adult riding classes

We have quite a few adult riding classes during the week and weekend for all different levels of rider. If you would like to join one please ask.

Every lesson is different every time. During the adult riding classes you will learn basic skills, do pole work, some jumping and bounce lessons if the group is happy to do so, pairs work, all sorts of stirrupless and other riding skills. It really is hard work but very fun and all our adults progress quickly.

Jumping lessons in Estepona

We are pleased to welcome back one of our super talented young riders, Bobbi, with her fast jumping horse Kiko. If you are wanting to know how much you can progress with jumping lessons in Estepona, then this partnership really can show you.

Both mum and daughter train and ride on this horse and he’s certainly a very big character. Always getting into trouble, usually trying to do things his own way but sometimes just being the best horse ever.

When Kiko first arrived he really had little jumping ability. He struggled with balance and corners, with everything to do with speed and rhythm. But with lots of patience, groundwork, calm teaching and experience he really has thrived.

Go Kiko, go Bobbi.