Vaulting Club NEW for kids this summer

The Summer holidays are almost here and we are launching our new Vaulting Club for kids. All levels are welcome.

Vaulting may be one of the most unique sports in existence, as it includes both dance and gymnastic movements … performed on a moving horse.

And you dont need to know how to ride in order to start vaulting. Anyone can learn.

It’s a fabulous and fun way to develop balance, strength, coordination and creativity, as well as trust and teamwork.

Unlike trick riding, vaulting is always performed in a controlled environment that includes a fully enclosed arena and soft footing. The horse, controlled by a trainer through a long rope called a lunge line, moves in a large, consistent circle while the vaulter performs a series of gymnastics and dance moves.

Come and join in our Vaulting Club at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios! Every Monday through the Summer. Book 4 weeks at a time. 20 euros per session.

Playing in the water – horse riding Estepona

Its hot out there and some horses just can’t resist a proper play in the plunge pool in the river!

The river dries up mostly in Summer but we know a few secret spots where the water stays longer.

After two hours of fantastic mountain trails this was just what the horses needed. Not all are keen but if we take the tack off, a few of our water babies here just run in, lie down, wiggle around and never want to come out!

Horse riding Estepona – the best few hours of fun you can ever have! Our mountain rides are 2.5-3 hours for riders who can trot and canter. We have other rides for people with less or no experience. During the hot months our rides go out at sunrise and for sunset to keep humans and horses cool (and healthy!)