Endurance riding trial

Endurance riding trial

Team Los Rubios (our young riders team) we treated to a real life experience of Endurance Riding on Sunday when Caroline took them through the what, why and how of this sport.

Caroline is a champion rider, competing around Andalucia in 60 and 80km races. She had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with these talented young riders.

From what racing is, to how to train for it, equipment used, the process, vet checking, time requirements etc – they went through everything including a demonstration and practice with the all important heart monitor.

Then they were split into pairs, given a course and a time reference (maximum and minimum) and off they went to try a competition for themselves!

There was a disqualification (for being too fast!) but everyone had a lot of fun, picked up some new skills, some new confidence riding out on their own and some big smiles!