Girls & their horses

These photos capture perfectly the relationship between girls and their horses.


Hay helpers

It’s not often we get rain in summer in this part of Spain but when the weather forecast suddenly showed a  downpour, it was all hands to the hay to get it moved under cover to save it! Thank you to all our community of hay helpers for stepping in for a bit of a fitness workout before the rain came down.

Hay helpers - moiving hay at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona before the rain Hay helpers - moiving hay at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona before the rain

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Lockdown life in Spain

What is lockdown life in Spain like, here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios?

Well firstly it’s very quiet without everyone coming and going. Caroline the owner and her children are here looking after nearly 30 horses and ponies on their own, every single day. That is really hard work.
It’s been hard to get deliveries of food organised and then there’s a lot of lifting and shifting to do.

But the horses are all happy. They are all being taught to use the horse walker so they can get their exercise each day. They are out playing in the school together and forming new friendships. Happy herd time is very important for horses and their mental health. Socialising is very therapeutic.

But life goes on. And here is a little glimpse of our version of lockdown life in Spain!

How is the weather in Spain? Muddy!

We are a few weeks through the lockdown in Spain and the weather in Spain has been pretty awful. So looking at that positively noone could have come riding or enjoyed in really. On the downside that means lots of mud and longer, harder days managing all the horses. Making sure they have their rugs on. They have time inside out of the rain in their warm stables. But that they get safe exercise outside to run around and release some energy.

Whatever the weather in Spain, life continues here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios. And most of the horses really don’t mind a little rain. They are waterproof! So as long as it’s just light, and has periods of dry, its still warm and they aren’t standing in wet mud, they are happy and safe.

Here’s some of the residents that do enjoy their mud time! Very muddy horses.

Who owns this bird?

Look what flew into the Ranch today. Who owns this bird? She must be lost from someone who has spent a lot of time with her (or him!). Very friendly, easy to handle and spent most of the day fluttering from one hand and shoulder or head to another. It flew down to the pista and settled on the railing to watch some lessons and then back for more seeds. If you know anyone in the El Padron area who has lost such a bird please get in touch with us.