Beach and bar ride

Our experienced riders and horse owners went off for a beach and bar ride this week. For some of the horses it was their first or second time on the beach, which is always fun. The sea isn’t tidal here so it is usually in the same place, but it can be noisy on the pebbles by the wave line. Some of the horses take the different surface under their hooves and the noise and smell in their stride. Others need a little encouragement. It was a hot day so the riders stopped at the beachside bar for a little light refreshment before heading back to the Ranch. A great beach and bar ride!

Pairs riding

Today was a little bit different during the lessons at the Ranch. Our young riders had to demonstrate that they could adjust stride and pace in pairs riding. Getting around corners and through arches where every horse has to change pace and stretch or reduce stride length to stay riding together. It’s hard. And for those that managed that, at walk, trot and canter, then there was some triples riding.

Super fun for the kids and all the parents watching. These skills are great to learn and may be put into practice during a show later in the year.

PS it is especially difficult in pairs riding when some of the mares don’t like each other so much and are being asked to ride close together, and nicely with each other!

Fancy dress dressage test

Well done all our young riders who took part in their first practice / fun dressage test. Horses and riders did brilliantly.

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Photo of the week – sunset in Estepona

This is our favourite photo from this week – sunset in Estepona from the back of a horse.

If you’d like to join us, whether you are a horse rider or beginner, we have something for everyone at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios – a friendly family team and fabulous horses.

We are between Cancelada and Estepona and super easy to find just near Selwo zoological park. Chat to us and come ride with us!

Bambina meets Bambi the deer

There is a small deer that has been adopted by and lives with the goat herd at the top of the mountains in Sierra Bermeja where we horse ride.

We have called it, of course, Bambi.

Here’s when our Bambi (Bambina RC) met Bambi recently. The deer is pretty used to us now and we can get really close. The perfect selfie for our visiting horse riders!

Collin down at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios

Both humans and horses get hot. And sometimes that means simply getting yourself drenched in lovely cold water to cool down.

Here’s the handsome Harley and his best friend Paula having fun as always at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios.

And Jazmin deciding the only way is the bucket treatment. Hardcore!

Ranch Siesta Los Rubios