Green green grass!

Our horses have been out enjoying the green green grass of Spring!

And there’s more of it than usual.

You may have seen that this part of Spain has had a lot (and we mean A LOT) of torrential rain, continuously, throughout March and into April? The reservoirs which were in deficit for the last 3 years or more, causing drought warnings and water shortages, now have enough water for quite a few years. The annual rainfall and then some more on top fell in less than a few weeks.

The result though is that the wildflower meadows are incredible this year, and the grass is high, green and rich. The horses made a beeline to that green green grass on a recent ride to the river.

February happy hackers

It might have been a little chilly but this week we’ve had some fabulous rides out – happy hacking Estepona!

Horse Riding fun in the sun

Our experienced riders head off into the lovely Sierra Bermeja Natural Park behind Estepona. Its a wonderful place with free roaming goats, rivers, old ruins, fruit trees, steep mountains, stunning views, long cantering tracks – and in November we have had warm weather and blue skies every day.

If you are a rider and fancy some riding fun in the sun then why not give us a call? Our mountain rides are 2 – 3.5 hours long depending on which routes we take.

Here are two of our regular riders out having fun in the sun this week – Helen on Ahitan (who is a livery at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios) and Nikki on Enya (the blonde bombshell) who she part loans from us.

Viewpoint hack for beginners

Our 2 hour viewpoint hack finishes with lovely views across to Gibraltar – we took Michael and his girlfriend this week. Here’s what he had to say.

“Lovely morning with Caroline and her horses. Took the 2 hour viewpoint hack with my girlfriend and the views were absolutely stunning. The horses are so well trained and cared for and even for a novice like me I didn’t have any issues once they picked up the pace. Highly recommended to anyone in the area.”