The 3 amigos

Have you met our 3 amigos? These lovely greys, all some sort of Arab cross, are absolutely the best of friends. They prefer to be right next to each other. Whether they are running, playing, chilling, eating or having a bath. And especially when out riding.

So who is who in the 3 amigos?

Sen is the quiet one. He has more brown speckled skin but looks grey. This Anglo Arab is usually found being annoyed by Garincha (Gary). Sen is one of the fastest horses at the stables thanks to Nikki taking him out on long hacks for the last year or so, building up his confidence. It was only 18 months ago he couldn’t actually step hoof outside the Ranch on his own without having a total meltdown in fear. Now he is steady, fast and pretty fearless. Although he has his moments!

Garincha is the pretty boy of the group with the sweetest, innocent little facial expressions. He’s also the “baby” of the group although not actually the youngest. Caroline rescued him and he was pretty terrified of everyone and everything when he arrived. He is still nervous of anything new although coming along in leaps and bounds every month after wonderful work with Caroline, Nikki and now Claire who is his new mummy. He is also constantly asking the others to play with him and like the annoying little brother won’t leave the other 2 alone. He recently learnt to go on the horse walker but decided being in his own compartment wasn’t fun and wanted to walk in Sen’s space! Luckily Sen does not mind and puts up with his shadow.

The final one of the 3 amigos is a Lusitano Arab called Lagri. Owned by Hayley he is the youngest but the bravest, smartest and probably most talented of the group. A terrific mover he has all the showiness for the dressage ring, the courage to tackle any cross country course and the stamina and speed to race around the mountains. He’s also pretty spectacular at showjumping already and he’s not even 6. Definitely one to watch.


Horse friendships at the Ranch

We have been able in lockdown to capture some very special moments. Living in bigger herds to enjoy socialising time and play has seen some very special friendships form. Horses communicate in such subtle ways and make decisions on who they like to hang out with, share food with, play with. We have been watching some of the more grumpy alpha females actually start to relax and bond with each other. Having time and patience to let them get to know each other has seen massive changes in all the horses here during lockdown. They are all very relaxed and willing to consider new horse friendships at the Ranch.

Sharing some of these marvellous moments between friends that we have been lucky enough to see over these challenging weeks. Bringing a little smile to the hard, long and lonely days.

The Beatles bootcamp

The Beatles (John, Paul, Ringo and Paul) have settled in really well. They are busy a few times a week on their very special Beatles Bootcamp. This is a chance for some lucky horse lovers to hang out with our fabulous four, groom, bathe, exercise, take for walks, do groundwork, lunge them and get to know everything about them. Introducing them to new experiences, finding out what they like and don’t like. Whilst learning new skills themselves. It really is quality time out with life on Beatles bootcamp! And the 4 horses love these times too and are thriving. All that pampering time also means they look great although they seem to time their mud rolling perfectly just before the ladies arrive…

The Beatles arrive

This weekend saw the arrival of our new Fab Four horses – we nicknamed them the Beatles – and so we called them John, Paul, Ringo and George. Their names suit them perfectly!

ranch siesta los rubios the beatles

John Paul Ringo & George arrive

These four boys have been together for a long time and they are super relaxed as a little group. We visited them at their previous home where the owner was injured and could not look after them/ride them so well any more. So we have given them a new home here at Ranch Siesta Los Rubios.

The Beatles are just getting to know their new surroundings – and us them – and this was their first time into the school this weekend. We plan that as they are so quiet and calm, and like being together,  they’ll soon be helping beginner riders on Saddle Ups and lessons.

Although a few of them might have some other additional talents we think… John is a big lad and with a little muscle is going to be handsome lad. Ringo is very eager and the youngest and so who knows, he might fancy jumping? PS He is also super handsome!

So watch this space for more of the Beatles news!

Horse riding goals

Horse riding EsteponaSomeone is having a little word with Lagris about their horse riding goals for 2020 together!

New arrival at the Ranch – meet Nacho

We had a new arrival this week – the crazy handsome Nacho. He is not only a beautiful looking boy (the mares here agree) he’s also super kind and has a wonderful personality.

Jan his human is very happy and we are happy to welcome them both to Ranch Siesta Los Rubios for some fun riding times together hacking out in this lovely area.

Rehabilitating horses – before and now

Please meet Lord Rubios. Sometimes horses find their way to us and we work slowly, patiently and with kindness to bring them into top health and work. Rehabilitating horses is just about letting them find their way, trust and time.

This is Lord. He is a beautiful boy, a real gentleman in every way – easy to handle, super kind and patient, willing and all round a lovely horse to humans and other horses.

He needed some feeding up and handling time so we have let him settle in, put on some weight and now he is enjoying his work building some muscle and shape. And learning lots.

He’s not finished yet but he will be up for sale in the future if you’re looking for a big and handsome lad then here he is!

New horses and ponies

Meet the new arrivals!

Pin & Pon gorgeous Appaloosa Shetlands

Fifi (3) & her little show pony Cinderella (livery)

Dulce – a chunky young lass that’s so far totally bombproof & willing

Enzo – yes he is huge! Big gentle Swedish sports horse on livery

Young Tia, just 4 years old and a sweetheart

Gloria – a new livery & Lucia’s endurance horse

Takota – 14 and unbacked but we are going to try her under saddle!

Meet the new horses

We’ve had some new arrivals at the Ranch. So we’d like to introduce you to our new horses.

QUASI is the oldest of our new horses, at around 16 years old. Typical Spanish (he has that high stepping leg action!) he is such a sweet boy and always so eager to please. When he arrived he had some issues with being tied up, tacked up and mounted and was a little too eager but he’s settled well. He now is quite happy standing around watching the world go by!

This is BEN, a second Palamino (blonde) at the Ranch. He is a chunky, tall boy, 10 years old and sadly has a cataract in one eye. He was a little spooky when he got here because of his sight but he’s learning so quickly not to be scared, is very friendly and much loved by the lady who now part loans him, Tessa.

Lastly, the lovely YODA. It seems Caroline has fallen in love with buckskin (this colour) horses and this horse has a personality to match her outer beauty. She is a youngster, only 4 years old, but with a very wise head on her shoulders. She’s taken absolutely everything in her stride, is very chilled, a lovely ride and has awesome manners. We all adore her (and we didn’t cut her tail, her last owner did! We are growing it.)

  • Meet your horse and team at the ranch
  • Groom and tack up
  • Fun lesson to learn skills & gain confidence
  • Hour ride out to a local viewpoint
  • Photos and cava overlooking the sea and Africa!40 euros per person. Minimum 2 people.

Green green grass!

Our horses have been out enjoying the green green grass of Spring!

And there’s more of it than usual.

You may have seen that this part of Spain has had a lot (and we mean A LOT) of torrential rain, continuously, throughout March and into April? The reservoirs which were in deficit for the last 3 years or more, causing drought warnings and water shortages, now have enough water for quite a few years. The annual rainfall and then some more on top fell in less than a few weeks.

The result though is that the wildflower meadows are incredible this year, and the grass is high, green and rich. The horses made a beeline to that green green grass on a recent ride to the river.