Which are you (or inbetween eg. beginner+)
  • Never ridden before
  • Or only ridden a few times eg on holiday, trekking
  • Had a few lessons/saddle time but many years ago
  • Not confident /stable in a rising trot
  • Maybe ridden a few times in a school but never outside on a hack
  • Ridden only on a lead rein not solo
  • Need help mounting or dismounting
  • Not sure how to turn, stop etc or handle a horse on the ground
  • Can approach a horse safely
  • Mount and dismount assisted
  • Have a basic understanding of aids
  • Make the horse walk, stop, turn left & right
  • Control a quiet school horse at a walk and trot (rising) with turns
  • Can do rising trot on the correct diagonal
  • We’d also like to know if you’ve ridden in a school and/or outside on hacks
  • Mount and dismount unassisted
  • Control a horse in walk, trot and canter without wobbling
  • Have a relaxed and deep seat
  • Able to walk and trot without stirrups and independent of the rein
  • Canter on a named leg
  • Understand the terms balance, rhythm and tempo
  • Understand a jumping position
  • Trot over poles and jump a small cross pole
  • Ride a combination of schooling figures eg circles, serpentines, figure of 8
  • Groom and tack up a horse unassisted
  • Ride inside the school and on hacks in open countryside
  • Fit enough to trot (rising) for up to 15 minutes at a time
  • Ride on a regular basis and have regular lessons
  • Ride more advanced and inexperienced horses
  • Understand the importance of rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion and
  • straightness
  • Ride more advanced lateral movements in walk, trot and canter
  • Jump a selection of advanced jumps
  • Ride towards improving a horses way of going
  • Ride independently of a group