We want you to have the best experience possible with us ūüôā So have a read!

By booking with us and confirming your ride, entering our premises and participating in or spectating an activity you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and liability disclaimer therein. No exceptions.

PREPAYMENT is now needed to confirm your booking Рwe require a 50% deposit payment to secure the time slots.
Your deposit is only refundable if a cancellation is received at least 48 hours in advance of your activity start time *see cancellation terms and process below.
  • PAYPALUse the link HERE¬†and type in the amount to payOr send money via PAYPAL our user ID is info@ranchsiestalosrubios.comIf you don’t have paypal but want to pay your deposit by credit card ask us to send you a CARD PAYMENT link on email
  • BANK TRANSFER set up an international payment (not possible from most banking apps but can be done from mobile bank website)

RANCH SIESTA   Santander bank, Spain
IBAN ES2500494464472010018236

  • REVOLUT 0034 645415697
  • It’s really important you¬†mark the payment clearly with your name & ride date so we know it‚Äôs yours and confirm to us with a screen shot the payment has been sent
  • If we don’t receive a deposit your provisional booking time will be cancelled. Please always let us know if you have paid or IF YOU DON’T WANT THE SLOT WE HAVE OFFERED so we can give it to someone else.


  • We only accept cancellations on WHATSAPP/TEXT to Caroline 0034 645415697 not on email or facebook.¬† ¬† ¬†As we are out on horses we can only see texts/whatsapp at these times.
  • Any cancellation made with less than 48 hours before your activity and you will forfeit your deposit (50% charge is applied in all cases of cancellation or no show).
  • If you look at the weather forecast and think it looks wet DO NOT CANCEL or your activity will be charged. Often it can be raining 3 km up the road and dry with us so only we can cancel based on what we see at the site. The weather forecast should not be used it is not accurate for where we ride.
  • We will make a decision on weather on the morning of the activity. So just give us a call / drop us a text. If its just a little drizzly we ride as it’s usually also super warm!¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†


  • For your riding comfort & safety¬†no shorts or flipflops or sandals¬†this is very important
  • Please wear long trousers if possible (shorts may be uncomfortable for you) and trainers / shoes / boots.
  • And of course sunscreen! Or bring a rainjacket…
  • We have riding hats for everyone.
  • We have back protectors for children.
  • If anyone has allergies or potentially has, please bring antihistamine.
  • No backpacks allowed as they can frighten¬†horses¬†if they swing around.
    If you want to bring camera/phone please have them secure in a bumbag or zipped pocket. 
  • Please plan your route and arrive¬†at least 10 minutes early¬†so we can start on time to give you the best¬†experience. We can’t wait to meet you! If you’re late we cannot extend your activity past the scheduled end time because there will be another activity booked.
  • We leave promptly on time to ensure we run all our bookings to schedule and don’t inconvenience other people who may be booked on your ride.If you are late we may have left or you may not be able to ride.¬†No refunds.
  • Strictly no dogs allowed on site as we have stable dogs who are friendly to humans and kids but don’t allow other dogs they don’t know onto the property.
  • Directions below. Follow these and it‚Äôs super easy. We suggest you click on the image and save it to your phone to follow..
  • If she can Caroline will take photos on a hack. These will be uploaded to Facebook over the following 48 hours.Please join our facebook page to see, download and them. We are unable to send photos to individuals.


  • We do ask about the riding level and fitness of every rider who books. But sometimes on rides we find people are not as competent/confident as they said!¬†Click for our guide to riding levels
  • For safety we have to then go at the speed of the least capable rider. Please be patient and just enjoy the slightly slower ride when this happens.
  • As horses aren’t machines, the unexpected can happen on a ride.¬†If someone falls off, a horse throws a shoe or other complication (rain washed path away, tree blown down etc!) we will try to finish the ride to the best of our ability.
    But safety is so important for riders and horses.Please bear with us when (and it very rarely happens) we have to rethink and shuffle things a little or slow things down. 

    Riding levels Ranch Siesta Los Rubios Estepona