Usually sat nav will take you down country lanes that are not driveable and you will get lost. It is very easy to find us but please follow our visual landmarks and directions.

  • Please plan your route and arrive at least 10 minutes earlyso we can start on time to give you the best experience. We can’t wait to meet you! If you’re late we cannot extend your activity past the scheduled end time because there will be another activity booked.
  • We leave promptly on time to ensure we run all our bookings to schedule and don’t inconvenience other people who may be booked on your ride. If you are late we may have left or you may not be able to ride. No refunds.
  • Strictly no dogs allowed on site as we have stable dogs who are friendly to humans and kids but don’t allow other dogs they don’t know onto the property.

DIRECTIONSFollow these and it’s super easy.

We are located off the A7 between Estepona and San Pedro de Alcantara (Marbella)

Coming in either direction you need to exit the A7 at the SELWO exit km 162.5

Head up Avenida Parque Selwo towards the roundabout where you will see in front of you a huge Church with a big silver dome (Russian Orthodox church at Selwo)

Come around the roundabout as if heading back to the A7 and have the sea in front of you again.
Take the first exit down a track on the right after the ruined building.

This is the turning point on GOOGLE MAPS for sat nav use.

Proceed down the track 270m to a small cross roads at the brow of a hill. Turn LEFT at the crossroads. Do not descend down the hill in front.

Once you have turned, drive slowly about 100 m further and turn first right into a large car park – this is the private car park of the Ranch.

We have circled the car park in red in the photo below.


Once you have parked please walk DOWN the track directly from the car park.

You will see this track with the red line and arrow in the photo above.

You may pass through a green bar gate but it may already be open, then pass by the paddock of horses on the left and keep walking all the way down to the bottom as far as you can go, where we will be waiting by the main large stable block.